Morning Prayer

In the quietness of this morning I consider a new day and the contents of my daytimer.  It is time to increase my time of prayer.  Oh Lord, how I need You!

There is some time scheduled in a doctor’s office with someone I love.  Lord I pray for the decrease of anxiety, for peace and the flowering of faith and trust in You.  There are some errands to be ran, and some necessary shopping.  Lord, for the divine encounters in the ordinary passages of life, may You prepare my heart.  Help me not to be so focused on the incidentals that I miss the big picture.  Thank you Lord for providing for us in this season of change.  May I be thankful.

English: Speak Lord For Thy Servant Hears

English: Speak Lord For Thy Servant Hears (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is some art work to be done today.  Thank you God for the joy in this – for it is in creating that I catch a glimpse of the You, the Great Creator and the obvious delight You took in creating us!  Today there is ministry for someone that needs Your healing touch.  Lord, I pray for Your direction, Your mercies, Your guidance, and for Your Word to speak powerfully to my heart, even as I speak and listen.

Estelle's Irises - named for a godly woman of prayer

Estelle’s Irises – named for a godly woman of prayer

Lord, where I have been preoccupied, where I have totally missed Your plan in the moment or the people You have put before me, where I have missed an opportunity to speak as You would have spoken, or just plain failed miserably, please forgive me.  This is a brand new day, Lord.  In the many things that are before me, help me not to forget that this is the day which You have made, may I rejoice and be glad in it.  Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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